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Friendship is One of the Most Rewarding Relationships for Seniors

An excerpt from Urban Aging News

The Senior Companion Program (SCP) is one of several geared toward assisting seniors at Community Social Services of Wayne County (formerly known as Catholic Social Services of Detroit). The SCP recruits seniors to help other seniors maintain independent living and provide respite to those caring for older adults with disabilities or terminal illnesses. “Companions assist in basic but essential ways,” said Greg Autry,

SCP recruitment coordinator. “In addition to providing companionship and friendship to isolated and often lonely older adults, companions assist with simple chores and provide transportation.”

Autry says it’s a win for everyone. Caregivers get a much-needed break, care-recipients get socialization and make new friends and

companions get the satisfaction of knowing thehave given back in a very meaningful way.


Caring is what brings us together!

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